On 1st  June 2016 the new portal for issuance of electronic visas “e-Visa”, which enables foreign citizens willing to enter the country with tourist or business visas to complete the electronic application and receive the electronic visa without visiting consulate representatives of Tajikistan abroad, commences its operation.

The electronic visa system «e-Visa» will allow foreign citizens to receive Tajikistan visa online, relieving them from necessity to stand in queues in Tajikistan consulates or at the border. The new system is designed to facilitate the process of obtaining a visa to Tajikistan by foreign citizens, increase the number of tourists visiting Tajikistan, as well as to simplify visa procedures for businessmen. We also want to save time and relieve the personnel involved in the process of issuing visas.

Applicants will receive their visas via email, after filling the application form with the necessary information and once the online payment by a credit card is completed. Applicants are to pay $ 50 by the internationally recognized electronic networks for the electronic processing, and in case of denial of the application the above mentioned amount is not refunded to the applicant. After paying the visa fee and once the application is successful, the applicant will receive an electronic visa, which is to be presented upon crossing the state border of Tajikistan along with the valid travel document.

Electronic visa of the Republic of Tajikistan is valid for 90 days, however the visa holder can stay in the territory of the country for no more than 45 calendar days.  Electronic visa is not extendable and the visa holder have to leave the country in the specified date.

Please if you have any questions, contact the FAQ section. If you don’t find answer you can use section Сontact or write your question to email  – info@visa.mfa.tj

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Tourist visa, including a group represented by the in (T) and is issued:

• foreign citizen arriving to the Republic of Tajikistan as a tourist or a group of foreign citizens arriving to the Republic of Tajikistan for tourism and organized tourist groups (at least 5 people, but not more than 50).

It should be remembered that the prerequisites for group tourist visas are: the simultaneous arrival of all group members at the border crossing at entry and exit to / from the Republic of Tajikistan, to stay in any of  location, and movement on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan  only with the group.

Any foreign citizen crossing border of Tajikistan should have at itself working passport or other document certifying his(her) person, and also the appropriate visa (except for citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine for which the visa to entrance to Tajikistan is not required).

The passport should be valid yet less than six months after date of entrance for territory of the country.

The entry visa may be received directly on arrival at the airport of Dushanbe (in other points of crossing of Tajikistan border the visa yet does not give out) or in embassies and consulates of Tajikistan abroad In the presence of visa support (LOI) from travel agency.

(List of foreign countries whose nationals are eligible to receive visas to the Republic of Tajikistan under the simplified procedure)

Cost of the visa and terms of registration depend on type and planned terms of stay in the country. On these questions it is necessary to consult directly in embassies.

Without presence of the visa, from travelers immediately may demand to leave territory of republic in the same way, and a way which they arrived to Tajikistan.

(Download Visa application form)

Visas to visiting the country can be issued in the following embassies of Tajikistan abroad:

Austria: Universitatsstrasse, 8/1a, 1090, Vienna, tel: 43/1/409-82-66-11, fax: 43/1/409826614/15/21, e-mail: tajikembassy@chello.at

Afghanistan: Vazir Akbarakhon Rayon Saraki-10, # 3, Kabul, tel: 93/230-03-92, 93/210-10-80, mobile: 070 28 57 08, fax: 93/230-03-92, e-mail: Fmakhkamov@tojikiston.com or kabultj@tojikiston.com

Consular Department in Mazari Sharif: tel: 93/79/209-330, e-mail: krt_mazar@yahoo.com

Belorussia: Kirov Str. 17, Minsk, tel: 375/17/222-37-98, 289-11-36, fax: 375/17/227-76-13, e-mail: tajemb-belarus@rambler.ru

Belgium: Avenue Lousie 362-365, 1050, Bruxelles, tel: 322/640-69-33, 538-31-39, fax: 322/649-01-95

Germany: Otto-Suhr-Allee 84, 10585, Berlin, tel: 49/30/347-93-00, fax: 49/30/347-930-29, 347-930-18, e-mail: info@Botschaft-Tadschikistan.de

Kazakhstan: Astana, tel: 7/3172/24-13-15, 24-09-29, fax: 7/3172/24-13-15, 24-09-29, e-mail: tajemb-kaz@vitelco.kz or emb_tj@ok.kz

Consular office in Almaty: tel: 7/3272/69-70-59, fax: 7/3272/69-70-59

China: Ta Yuan # 5-1-41, Diplomatic Compound, 100 600, Beijing, tel: 86/10/653-225-98, fax: 86/10/653-230-39

Kyrgyzstan: Karadarinskaya Str. 36, 720031, Bishkek, tel: 996/312/51-14-64, 51-23-43, 51-25-87, fax: 996/312/51-14-64, e-mail: tojsaforat@exnet.kg

India: Delhi – tel: 11/261-542-82, fax: 11/261-542-82, e-mail: tajembindia@yahoo.com

Iran: Nievoron Sq. Shahid Zeinali Str. 3, bloc 10, Tehran, tel: 98/21/222-995-84, 228-092-49, fax: 98/21/228-092-99, e-mail: tajemb-iran@mail.ru

Pakistan: House 90, Main Double Road, F-10/1, Islamabad, tel: 92/51/229-34-62, 229-46-75, fax: 92/51/229-97-10, e-mail: safarovm@mail.ru

Russia: Moscow, 121069, Granatny Pereulok 13, tel: 7/095/290-57-36, 290-02-70, 290-38-46, 290-41-86, 290-14-47, fax: 7/095/290-57-36, 291-89-98, 290-61-02

USA – 1005 New Hampshire Avenue, North West Washington D.C. 20037, tel: 1/202/223-60-90, fax: 1/202/223- 60-91, Consular department – 1725 K Street, N.W., Suite 409, Washington D.C. 20006, e-mail: tajikistan@verizon.net

Turkmenistan: Garashsyzluk Shaely 4/2, Ashghabad, tel: 993/12/48-01-63, 48-17-45, fax: 993/12/48-18-77, e-mail embtd@online.tm

Turkey: Mahatma Gandhi Caddesi 36, 06700, Ankara, tel: 90/312/446-16-02, 0532/244-54-35, fax: 90/312/446-36-21, e-mail: tajemb_turkey@hotmail.com

Uzbekistan: A.Kahhor Str. 6, 700090, Tashkent, tel: 998/71(2)/54-99-66, 54-84-13, 54-89-69, 55-64-78, 54-19-32, 152-54-79, fax: 998/71(2)/54-89-69, 152-68-72, e-mail: temb@online.ru

If it’s necessary to prolong the period of a presence for territory of the ountry (” to prolong the visa “) it is possible in Main Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  the Republic of Tajikistan, located at: city of Dushanbe,734025, Pushkin 34 Street, Phone: + 992/37/227- 53-53, 221-15-60, 221-15-41, 221-17-37, 221-43-77, fax: + 992/37/223-29-64, 221-02-59, e-mail: kumid@tojikiston.com or mfart@tajik.net  the Internet – http://www.mfa.tj/ after arrival in the country.